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    Goat Meat facts

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    Goat meat (chevon) is becoming increasingly popular in this country as it is a tender meat, similar to lamb or beef but slightly more gamey. It is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, high in iron and B vitamins, and healthier than chicken. It is said to make up 80% of the meat consumed in the world.

    Recently it has enjoyed a high media profile, both on the radio and television.

    learn more about goatmeat : http://www,kare11.com/video/25227535780001/48323000001/Andrew-Zimmern-talks-about-the-benefits-of-goat-meat-in-Minnesota

    The Goat Company herd was started with Janus Rum - known as Ron - who was bought from Tiff and Judith Hall in Norfolk. The rest of the herd was started on site and we still have the original dairy goats which began the whole enterprise. We now have a 40-strong herd of boer including kids.

    •    Breeding top quality goat meat (chevon) - a healthy red meat
    •    In the process of converting to Boer goats for increased meat production
    •    All stock CAE accredited by SACS, tested for Johnnes,  vaccinated against clostridial diseases and pneumonia; and regularly parasite tested
    •    Contented, happy and well cared for herd
    •    Northumberland - born and bred, or raised in a beautiful part of the country

    Goat meat needs to be cooked more slowly, and kept moist during cooking so that it does not dry out. It makes fantastic roasts and casseroles, as well as the better known Curry Goat!

    Goat meat is a lean red meat which is often likened to lamb or beef, but with a slightly more gamey flavour. It is naturally lean and does not marble fat like other red meats.

    It contains vitamins A and E, beta-carotene, omega 3 fatty acids and is low in cholesterol and saturated fat that domestic palates tend to be keener on meat from younger animals, the difference is similar to that between mutton and lamb.

    Goat meat is already a well-known basis for curry, but other joints should be cooked slowly and kept moist during cooking so it doesn't dry out.  Goat takes well to being roasted and casseroled, alternatively it can be diced bone-in ie: mediteranean/caribbean style.  For a fantastic and authentic variety of caribbean ingredients try:





    75g Roasted Calories Fat(g) Saturated fat(g) Protein(g)
    Goat 122 2.58 0.79 23.0
    Chicken 120 3.50 1.10 21.0
    Lamb 235 16.0 7.30 22.0
    Beef 245 16.0 6.80 23.0
    Pork 310 24.0 8.70 21.0

    Meat from The Goat Company can be butchered and packaged, and delivered to yourselves via nationwide courier, or by ourselves depending upon distances.  We are currently using a small abattoir in Cockfield, Co. Durham, who will also butcher to our exact requirements.

    Goatmeat is now available to try -diced shoulder -bone in or off the bone, chops and joints (legs), in smaller individual packs.  Fresh to order, but frozen in stock.  We can supply regular orders for half/whole carcasses to individual customers, restaurants and butchers.

    You can purchase goatburgers/sausages with ras-el-hanout seasoning by order from ourselves direct, or Blagdon Farm Shop in Northumberland (just off the A1, near Morpeth) -  http://www.theblagdonfarmshop.co.uk

    or try Tully's delicatessen in Rothbury.

    See us on http://www.bigbarn.co.uk where you can buy our goatmeat on line.

    Please telephone 01670 774400 for more details, or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .